27 February 2011

Introducing LIC Morpheus: A Dream Blog

Most mornings I remember at least one dream from the night before.  In this blog I shall post accounts of my dreams on a regular basis, along with any interpretations that may occur to me.  My hope is to create a record of my dreams over time that may be of use to me in finding patterns in my dreams and their relation to events in my life, as well as of interest to others as an illustration of dream interpretation techniques.

I am not a psychologist.  I did complete an undergraduate degree in psychology (which confers exactly no qualifications), and have been interested in my own and others' dreams since my earliest childhood.  I welcome submissions of interesting dreams by readers.  Please use the comments to post any odd or interesting dreams you would like to share.  If you would like me to attempt to interpret your dream, please provide as complete a description of it as possible, as well as any associations it brings to mind and any possibly related events that occured in the one or two days preceding the dream.  If you would like to share with me personally a dream that you are not comfortable posting publicly, please contact me at licMorpheus@hotmail.com.

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