28 February 2011

The first dream I remember

I'm sure this is not the first dream I ever remembered, but it is the first dream I ever had that I still can remember now. Well, actually, what I remember now after so many years probably is a memory of my original memory of the dream. I believe I was about three years old when I had this nightmare.


My mother and I were making cutout "giants." The brown quilt [that was frequently used in real life] was prominent. My mother showed me her creation: a small paper "giant" head. It was a jolly cartoon-like face, with a red mustache, bald head with red curly fringe, and a round nose. Then I looked at what I had cut out. I was not so skillful with the scissors. My "giant" face was a ragged, shapeless thing, white with black jagged holes for "features," but not in any discernible arrangement. It bore no resemblance to any kind of face at all. Looking at it filled me with horror.

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