03 March 2011

A food-stroking concession

This is a dream I had in the fourth or fifth grade. I found it so interesting, when I had to put on a puppet show for a school assignment, I based it on this dream.


I go down into the basement at my grandmother's house to get some canned food. [As a child and teenager, I spent at least one or two nights a week with my family at my maternal grandmother's house; her house was a second home.] In front of the shelves where the food is stored, I find a little stand with a woman [and a man? my memory now is fuzzy, though it was clear at the time] behind it, with prepared food on offer. When I try to order some, I see it actually is just pictures of food that are available. And those are not even actually available for the taking-- when I select an appetising picture of a perfectly roasted turkey with trimmings, the woman does not hand it over, but only holds it out to me with the instruction, "Stroke the food! Stroke the food!"

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