02 March 2011

Wriggling and squirming

I am wrapped in a blanket lying in the grass at some kind of animal park. Many other people are there as well. Lots of different animals are wandering about, including a number of large and small snakes. One large snake passes by just beyond my feet, then turns and goes back the way it came; I pull my feet up slightly to try not to block it. I notice quite a few very small snakes, mottled yellow and black, also milling about. I pull my blanket tight around me to keep these snakes from getting inside. I feel some itching or wriggling at the small of my back though, and wonder maybe some snakes or something is in the blanket anyway.

I'm ready to leave. I stand up, dropping the blanket. I am wearing a (yellow?) sheath dress. I realise something definitely is inside the dress. There is a little space in the dress, but it is tight enough around my hips that I cannot get my hands up it. I shimmy and wriggle, trying to shake out the animal(s), but they are trapped at the tight part of the dress. I see a couple getting up from their own blanket near by and ask them please to get the snakes out of my dress. The woman reaches in and pulls out one of the skinny yellow and black snakes. It is injured, apparently mortally; one end of it is bifurcated for a couple inches of its length. The woman casts it over to the corner of the park. I wonder aloud if maybe we should finish killing it, but we don't take any action. I feel an itch/pain in my ass, and the woman from the couple confirms she sees an injury there; probably I was bitten in the snake's struggles to free itself. As I walk through the park to leave, I manage to dislodge two or three more of the small yellow and black snakes. The small cut in my ass continues to irritate me, and I rub at it as I walk.


Snakes don't bother me. In fact, I really like the larger snakes; small skinny snakes freak me out a little, though. However, one of my colleagues, K, is so intensely afraid of snakes that even any mention of snakes upsets her. Knowing this about her, any time I see a snake in a movie or on TV I think, "K wouldn't like this." In the dream though, K did not come to mind.

The obvious reading of this dream would conclude that I find something to be a "pain in the ass." However, I am certain there is more going on here than just that. Snakes may have been on my mind after seeing the Harry Potter clip on the Academy Awards Sunday night. But why the snake divided in two partway down its length? Why the sheath dress? I don't have any good interpretation at the moment; I will post one later if anything comes to mind.

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